Get to know the Trelawn Alpacas


Archie's Mum and head of the herd. Pippa can be a little grumpy at times, only when she has to assert herself, mostly she is very affectionate. She loves Archie and is very fond of Talula, who can do no wrong. She is tall, proud and beautiful and very much in charge.


Archie's oldest friend. Little Lola was with Archie when he was born. She originally came from a zoo environment, where she didn't have much space and is small for her age. At first, Lola could not even look us in the eye - she is now an integral part of the herd and very loving.


Finn is Archie's main man, the only other male in the herd. He spends a lot of his time hanging out with Archie, or chest bumping. He is a little shy with humans but is still affectionate. he is wary of Pippa particularly when she's in a bad mood. He loves to hang out with Ginger and Floella.

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SUMMER-Jasmine      Summer was born on 22nd July 2018 and is the first Cria for Elle. She had a very easy birth and was up and mingling within an hour with our visitors who arrived just after she was born. Summer is curious, very affectionate and full of energy. She certainly attached herself to little Sid very quickly and loves having a little playmate. She is a real ray of Summer sunshine!


Archie is our celebrity. He has thousands of fans from all over the world. Although we don't think this has gone to his head too much, he can be a little divaish at times. Archie is a naughty, cheeky but extremely lovable alpaca who likes nothing more than to hang out with his friends, visitors and have an apple treat Archie does love his apples.


Our showgirl and Archie's girlfriend. Elle has won a rosette at her one and only show for her lovely fleece. She is a loving and proud lady who likes to be sung to. She is great friends with Floella but spends most of her time with Archie. Elle is a little shy and hangs back at apple time.


Talula is Clover's second cria and our only alpaca birth so far. She is very cute and naughty, she likes to barge her big sister Floella from behind when she least expects it and is very playful. She is loving and chews our jackets if she thinks she isn't getting enough attention. She has wonderful fleece but loves to get filthy rolling in the dirt. She loves to pose for photos and is the most mischevious alpaca


Floella and Talula's Mum. Clover is a petite, elegant and pretty alpaca. She is a very protective but practical mother. She spends a lot of time with her daughters and adopted daughter Ginger. Although she seems delicate she does enjoy a good chest bump with the boys.


Floella came to live with us with Mum Clover when she was only three weeks old. She was a beautiful cria (baby) and looked like a little lamb. She has a very outgoing personality and loves to be stroked and cuddled. She loves her food and is always the first one to appear for breakfast


Ginger is a loving and affectionate little alpaca and is one month older than Talula. She is Talula's best friend, she joined the herd as a playmate for young Talula who needed a friend of her own age. Ginger and Talula are partners in crime often chasing the ducks and barging the adult alpaca when they are grazing peacefully.



Sid was born on 1st August 2018. Unfortunately, he had a bit of a traumatic entry into the world. Clover his mum, who is very experienced had trouble delivering him and we had to call the vet as little Sid was stuck and we nearly lost him. Our wonderful vet (who's nickname is Sid) eventually released him and all was well. 
Sid is now growing into a wonderful little alpaca, who just brightens your day every time you see him. He loves racing around the paddocks with Summer.