Trelawn Alpacas / Love Alpaca offer a luxurious soft alpaca pillow which are all handmade in the UK. Alpaca pillows are the perfect addition to any bed and compliment to our alpaca duvets perfectly. Offering a balance between support and comfort. Filled with 100% UK alpaca fibre that is processed to organic standards and is naturally anti-allergenic/hypoallergenic, this works naturally with your internal thermostat to keep you at a comfortable temperature and giving you the best nights sleep possible

Alpaca Wool Pillow

  • The benefits of owning one of our alpaca pillows are :


    • Naturally anti-allergenic – the fibre remains cool and dry discouraging the development of dust mites making this product a good choice for those suffering from allergies
    • Lightweight, temperature reactive fibre provides warmth in colder months and remains cool in the summer, working in tune with your internal body temperature
    • Use of natural materials including a high quality light, cotton cover all sourced in the UK
    • Chemical free and completely natural
    • This alpaca wool pillow is VegSoc approved
    • Comes in cotton bag


    Sizes available:


    Normal: 89cm x 46cm -  (35” x 18”)


    Kingsize: 72cm x 46cm -  (28” x 18”)


    Bespoke sizes can be made to your requirements.


    Due to the natural nature of our bedding, it is dry clean only