Trelawn Alpacas / Love Alpaca bedding sets are the height of luxury and include duvet and pillow sets to complete bedding ranges in a single set, all available in various sizes. We provide the highest quality alpaca bedding at competitive prices and sets are offered at a reduced price of 20% compared to the purchase of individual items. Give yourself the luxury of sleeping soundly in 100% soft and hypoallergenic filled alpaca bedding, these sets also make lovely gifts. Single bedding sets contain one pillow with larger sized duvet bedding sets (double, king size, super king size and emperor) containing two pillows.


Each year our lovely alpaca are sheared and their fleece is carefully cleaned and sorted, some of that fleece is used to create these beautiful products. By purchasing one of our lovely duvets you will be helping us to support the British rural economy and you will be making our Alpaca very happy indeed.

Organic Alpaca Wool Duvet Bedding Set

  • The benefits of owning one of our alpaca duvet bedding sets are :


    • Naturally anti-allergenic – the fibre remains cool and dry discouraging the development of dust mites making this product a good choice for those suffering from allergies
    • Lightweight, temperature reactive fibre provides warmth in colder months and remains cool in the summer, working in tune with your internal body temperature
    • Use of natural materials including a high quality light, cotton cover all sourced in the UK
    • Unique stitching allows greater airflow
    • High organic standards promote a healthier environment
    • Chemical free and completely natural
    • This alpaca wool duvet bedding set is VegSoc approved
    • Comes in cotton bag


    Sizes available:



    Single: 136cm x 200cm - (53" x 78") (1 Pillow)

    Double: 200cm x 200cm - (78" x 78") (2 Pillows)

    Kingsize: 225cm x 220cm - (88" x 86") (2 Pillows)

    Super Kingsize: 260cm x 220cm - (102" x 86") (2 Pillows)

    Emperor: 290cm x 230cm - (114" x 90.5") (2 Pillows)



    Normal: 72cm x 46cm - (28” x 18”)

    Kingsize: 89cm x 46cm - (35” x 18”)


    Bespoke sizes can be made to your requirements.


    Due to the natural nature of our bedding, it is dry clean only